Gr’Aperol Spritz?

Bringing a Little Veneto Home, and Making It Mine

The Grappa Guy has a mixed view of Grappa cocktails. On one hand, quality, artisan Grappa begs to be tasted on its own to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors. On the other hand, I don’t always want to drink spirits straight. The Grappa Tour 2018 provided fertile ground for some experimentation.

Traveling partially in Veneto on The Grappa Tour 2018 The Grappa Guy (and Mrs. Grappa Guy) became acquainted with a Veneto tradition, the Aperol Spritz Aperitivo. It became an evening staple on our trip, and The Grappa Guy played around with the recipe. Returning home, some ingredients were not available, so a little more alchemy was needed to return our thoughts to Bella Italia.

As you will see below, the basics stay the same, except for the addition of Grappa (or you wouldn’t read about it here) and the addition of bitters, a required component of a true cocktail. I add Orange zest because it does something for the flavor profile.

“Gr’Aperol Spitz” Cocktail

In a chilled wine Glass, with a few ice cubes
3 Parts Aperol, refrigerated
2 Parts Prosecco, refrigerated
1 Part Club Soda, refrigerated
1 Splash White Grappa 
2 Dashes Orange Bitters
½ Slice Orange as garnish, Blood Orange preferred
1 pinch Orange Zest rubbed on glass rim
Pour all liquid ingredients into glass and gently stir
Rim glass with Orange Zest, put garnish on rim

Serve with salty snacks like Italian Olives and Speck, maybe a little Taleggio before the evening meal to stimulate the digestion.

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