Amarone In Venice

How A Loving Widow Keeps Her Husband’s Legacy Alive

The Grappa Guy (and family) had a delicious dinner at Vineria all’Amarone in Venice, Italy. Our first night in Italy was a wonderfully welcoming experience, with something unexpected. This wine bar specializes in Amarone wines (as one might suspect from the name) and has a wine list deep in that varietal. They are also renown for their Ciccheti (Venetian finger food). The surprise came when The Grappa Guy noticed multiple bottles of Grappa at the bar. Closer inspection revealed that most of these Grappas were made from Amarone vinnacce.

Restaurant Manager Mauro provided knowledgeable discussion of the many varieties of Grappa available (too many to list) and made his recommendation for Dolce (dessert). Worth noting, in addition to the predominant Amarone varietal selections, was a significant presence of non-Amarone Grappas by one of The Grappa Guy’s favorite distilleries, Grappa Marolo. Marolo is well-known for their high-quality line of Grappas, representing many different grape expressions. Exercising discretion, The Grappa Guy did not try each one, but had an unaged Amarone Grappa by Nicolis Winery at the suggestion of Mauro. It went best with the fruit-topped Panna Cotta.

How did an Amarone-specializing wine bar come to have such a large Grappa selection? Owner Nicole’s husband Alfredo (who is no longer with us) was a conoscitore (connoisseur) of Grappa. Nicole keeps his memory and legacy alive by insuring the best Amarone Grappas are available at Vineria all’Amarone. We should all hope to be so warmly remembered and honored by our spouses when our time comes.

Grappa aficionados in Venice, Italy are recommended to stop by Vineria all’Amarone for a tasty meal, some Ciccheti, and a wide-ranging selection of Amarone wines, Gemütlichkeit, and of course, a very good selection of Grappas.


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