Pizza And Grappa

Grappa And Pizza In Frederick, MD

Go to Pistarro’s for the Pizza, Stay for the Grappa

I had a very nice surprise last night at Pistarro Ristorante Pizzeria Napoletana.

I went there for their legendary Napoletana Pizza, only to find out they had some excellent artisanal Grappa from Grappa Marolo.

The Grappa di Moscato was a perfect match for their Tiramisu, the sweetness of the Moscato grape expression playing off of the Mascarpone creaminess of the dessert

Pistarro’s was also serving Budino Al Cioccolato (a kind of Italian chocolate pudding) which was a very tasty match for the deeper flavors of Grappa di Barolo.

Lastly, there was Grappa di Brunello made from Sangiovese pomace, which I believe might be a good match for a Salted Caramel type dessert, or possibly a fruit dessert made from something tart.

Needless to say I will be going back. The pizza was authentic and tasty, desserts were great, and they pour a nice range of grappas. Tip of the hat to Jen and Tim, who were marvelous hosts and created a warm and welcoming environment, as well as a memorable meal.

Mille Grazie!

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