You Don’t Have To Go To The Heart Of The City To Find Good Grappa

Closer To Suburbia Than Downtown, This Palisades (DC) Restaurant Offers Authentic Italian Cuisine and Good Grappa

Grappa Lovers should enjoy a visit to LupoVerde-Osteria in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington DC. About 2 miles from the DC border with both Maryland and Virginia, You don’t have to drive into the snarl that downtown Washington, DC has become. I could rant on about DC’s love-hate relationship with cars, but I’ve got much better things to tell you about.

The setting at LupoVerde-Osteria is charming and intimate. The food and wine pairings are excellent, the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. But for The Grappa Guy, the star is their Grappa selection, a short but nicely rounded group of selections from Grappa MaroloPoli Grappa, and Bonollo Grappa OF. Mrs. Grappa Guy enjoyed a Raspberry Panna Cotta, which paired nicely with a Marolo unaged Moscato Grappa. The Grappa had just enough “bite” to stand up to the tartness of the raspberries, but had a smooth finish complementing the panna cotta. The Grappa Guy had a marshmallow, marscapone and almond dessert named “Island of Capri”. This paired quite well with the Poli “Cleopatra” aged Moscato Grappa. The aging in French oak having mellowed the Grappa, providing a smooth, elegant companion to the more refined flavors in this dessert.

I’d recommend LupoVerde-Osteria even if it wasn’t so easy to get to, but the easy travelling leaves me in a Zen-like state, ready to enjoy their tasty food, and of course, their Grappa.


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