If You Just Go, They Might Not Be Open

Reach Out to the Distillery Before You Visit.

Tonight’s guidance from Grappa Tour 2018. The Grappa Guy wanted to visit a couple of distilleries on the fly. A last-minute decision by the family to visit Franciacorta Outlet Village presented an opportunity to visit Distillerie Franciacorta and Distillerie Peroni Maddalena, which are in the area.

So I drove to them, thinking they would be open (according to their published hours in Google Map). My mistake. Both locations were locked up tight when I arrived, an hour before published closing.

This was *my* problem, not the Distilleries involved.

So, for those taking notes: ALWAYS schedule your visits in advance, communicate directly with any Distillery before you go. You will be happier, and they can provide the best experience possible for your visit.


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