A Short Guide on Tasting Grappa

Four Simple Techniques to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Grappa.

1) Use a proper glass. If a traditional Grappa glass is not available, use a Glencairn Whisky Glass or a Champagne flute (Not a Coupe). Shot glasses are simply unacceptable.

2) Swirl, then blow. Swirl the Grappa in the glass first, then gently blow (maybe more of a puff) across the top of the glass 3 times.

3) Take your time to enjoy and analyze the aroma. Forty percent of taste is olfactory (in the nose). Your nose can tell you much about the Grappa.

4) The first sip always burns. Make it a very small one, and ignore it, wait ten seconds, then take a second sip. The second sip will tell you much more about the complexity of flavor in the Grappa.

Pictures provided below.

Propino tibi!

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