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Purchasing Grappa can be tricky. Even if you have enjoyed specific expressions from a particular distiller, there can be significant variations from expression to expression. You may like some expressions from a known distiller, but not others. Learning your own palate and discovering Grappa expressions you enjoy is a journey you should not undertake alone.

As mentioned in a previous post, buying inexpensive Grappa from a grocery store is likely not a good idea. The Grappa Guy has found two reliable methods for purchasing Grappa that do not end in regret: Taste it first, at a friend’s house, at a restaurant, or even better at a distillery; Go to a reputable retailer with professional, knowledgeable staff who will listen to what you like and recommend something from their stock.

The Grappa Guy had a recent experience at Millevini Enoteca in Venice, Italy which illustrates the latter. Based on a recommendation from Hotel staff The Grappa Guy visited Millevini Enoteca (a few steps northeast of the famed Rialto Bridge). Lorenzo was there and was happy to discuss Grappa, furthering The Grappa Guy’s education. Millevini Enoteca’s stock of Grappa is a well-curated selection of Grappas, mainly from northeast Italy, but also from top-shelf producer Distillerie Berta (in Piedmont, northwest Italy). [Berta]’s “Selezione del Fondatore ‘Paolo Berta’” is a transcendent expression which deserves it’s own post in the future.

Lorenzo was happy to share his knowledge of Grappa, and of his experience and personal preferences. After some discussion, The Grappa Guy made his selection, an expression of Prosecco Grappa aged in cherry from Borgo Scuro Acquaviti, a producer in the commune of Gaiarine in Treviso, Italy, north of Venice.

Lorenzo also recommended a distiller which was in the area of The Grappa Guy’s Grappa Tour 2018 itinerary, Distilleria Schiavo in the commune of Costabissara, north of Vicenza, Italy. The Grappa Guy is attempting to arrange a visit there, with fingers crossed.

The Grappa Guy’s experience at Millevini Enoteca illustrates why purchasing Grappa from a reputable retailer is such a good idea. Thank’s to Lorenzo’s expertise, not only did I obtain an interesting Grappa expression, but I learned of an artisnal distilleria which deserves a visit.


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